Recommended Ages:No. of Riders
Ride Time
Site Requirements
(L x W x H)
Set-up/Tear-down TimePower Requirements
under 6 years old or 1m tall. Riders under 1.3m must be accompanied by a +18 adult.26 (13 cars)2 Minutes23m x 16m4 HoursLocal 10A, 15A, 3 phase, Genset

About Dodgem Cars

This classic fairground ride is a brilliant attraction for anyone who wants a fun, high energy drive around our dodgem arena. Riders take control of their own dodgem car (two people per car) and once strapped in, with their foot on the accelerator they race around trying to avoid the other cars – this is easier said than done! They aren’t nicknamed bumper cars for nothing! There is a height restriction to ensure the safety of all our riders which is 110cm for children accompanied by an adult or 130cm unaccompanied. We have 16 superb late model dodgem cars to choose from giving you a capacity of 32 riders.